Songs of Stone at CBSO (Music for Youth)

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One week ago today (Tuesday July 3rd), I had the privilege of conducting my work, Songs of Stone, at the City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra Centre by members of the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Youth Choir as part of the Music for Youth New Music Stage. It was selected from around a thousand entires, and performed alongside around seven other compositions.

The feedback received was excellent, and the audience really seemed to enjoy the performance. One young rock musicians even said “That was the first choral piece I’ve heard which I’ve actually liked”. While I am sure this was only the case due to a lack of exposure to other works, this was still a very meaningful comment, and really highlights why it is exactly that I write and perform music – that is, to spread the amazing nature of classical music with the public.

I am currently working on a few more commissions that I’m not able to disclose for the moment, but that’s lots to be excited for. I’ll keep you updated.


Happy summer
– Josh

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