I have always thought that one of the most important aspects of composing is hearing it played by musicians, and being able to share it with people around the world. Distribution of recordings via music services like iTunes and Spotify are perfect for this, and so, I try to be involved in as many published performances as possible.

Below you can see all of the records that I perform in or contain works that I have composed.

Fishermen at Sea

This composition was inspired by Turner’s painting “Fishermen at Sea”, a dramatic work which depicts a fishing boat at night, it’s crew threatened by dark skies and growing waves, under the light of a full moon.

The piece is written for tuba, strings and percussion, and describes the progress and aftermath of the oncoming storm.

In the first movement, strings and percussion portray the sounds of the sea. An ethereal violin melody becomes more dissonant and aggressive as the sea becomes rougher. The tuba enters as soloist in the second movement, playing dramatically over frenzied accompaniment from the strings and percussion. As the storm subsides, the cello takes over the melodic role as the third movement begins. The nostalgic melody is shared by the other strings, and the movement comes to a gentle halt with the sound of the tam-tam.

This is a recording of the world premiere performance.