Joshua Quinlan

Composer, Baritone & Conductor

As an experienced musician with an extensive set of skills in his 'portfolio', there are number of services that Joshua can offer, ranging from music preparation to website design and technology consultation. Find more information about each of these services below, and contact Joshua should you have any questions.

Music Preparation

Joshua is an experienced composer and music engraver/copyist, having prepared many scores for publication, performance and recording sessions. He sees music preparation as an integral part of the compositional process, and prides himself on producing scores and parts of the highest quality, ready for whatever they might be required for. The following services are available:

Joshua is able to produce high-quality scores for any size of ensemble, whether that be a solo instrument, chamber ensemble, choir or an orchestra. Once you submit your source material (e.g. handwritten manuscript, existing printed score, MIDI data, etc.), high-quality scores (and parts, if applicable) will be produced and will be sent to you for your approval by email; then, once approved, the final materials can be delivered to you by your preferred medium.

Additionally, Joshua is also an experienced composer, orchestrator and arranger, and is able to preempt any issues that may arise in a performance or recording session.

If you are interested in hiring Joshua, you may wish to see his client testimonials and sample materials. For more information, please contact Joshua.